San Andrés, the Colombian Caribbean island that excels in sport

By Junior García Anaya (Colombia) – Young Reporter AIPS America

LIMA, Peru, August 4, 2019.- To the north of Colombia an island inhabited by more than 70 thousand inhabitants tries to get ahead in the oblivion of the national government and local leaders who have little or nothing interested in the destination despite being one of the most striking in the Caribbean. Today sport seems to be one of the most attractive ways to excel and show that there is plenty of talent for the practice of any sport.

San Andrés Island Colombia, known for its beautiful beaches and especially for its particular sea of 7 colors that attracts most of its visitors, is today a destination forgotten by the national government and even local.  “There’s nothing on the island if you have a talent, a potential, you have to go out and look for your future,” says Derwin Pomare sanandresanano beisbolist who has left the Department due to a lack of opportunity.

Currently San Andrés has footballers in the professional league, our top benchmark of basketball, Michael Jackson, in the national team and today two players standing out with Colombia at the Pan American Games Lima 2019, Steve Brown and Derwin Pomare .

For athletes it is a little difficult to emerge since the disorganization by managers and government is a difficult issue to overcome, “I have almost a year that I do not go to San Andrés because now I have realized what I can do with the talent that God has given me which is to play, in the last few years I have done well I have played in Panama,” said the player who also said that staying on the island a couple of years was a backlog in his career.

Speaking of the specific theme of the baseball Derwin referred, “Every time a tournament is played is very short, a tournament a year a year of one or two months is not a constant thing for the talent that is in San Andrés I think there should be more tournaments followed by the year.”

San Andrés land of oblivion, which in recent years is more what has lost than what it has achieved, if you talk about the Hague Ruling in 2012 specifically, where Colombia lost to the Constitutional Court much of the sea that belonged to the inhabitants of that territory and  which has now become Nicaragua’s domain. 7 years after that significant failure for the native islanders, the exploits of athletes like Derwin Pomare regain importance when it comes to locating the island on the map for its achievements and not for its misfortunes.