Eve Jobs building her own story far away from his father’s legacy

By Andrea Hernández (Chile) – Young Reporter AIPS America

SANTIAGO, Chile, August 14, 2019.- In his eyes it can see determination. Eve, Steve’s Jobs daughter, represented to USA in the Pan Americans of Lima 2019, his first official tournamente. His discipline is horse riding. She won the bronze medal and it could be twice, if she were winning the individual jump competition.

Eve Jobs in Lima. No apples but with horses.

His participation was a big new. The youngest duaghter of Steve Job’s and Laurene Powell was born in 1998, same year that his father created the iMac. Although, and really far away from his dad ambitions, she practice his love for horses and give to the USA team another one medal.

“I honestly feel still nervous and also relieved, the jump was wonderful. These are my first games and first team championship, so it is very special here. The Olympic Games are the goal for me and many athletes would be wonderful,” Eve Jobs expressed after her participation in Lima 2019 to Americatv media.

Eve is the youngest member of american team of horse riding. She started his love for the “free spirit” animal at the age of six. Now she is 20 years old and his truly passion is building his own story around horses and his jumps.

She finished her studies and now is focus in developing her sporting career, a land by the way really competitive. In competitions, she has founded with Jennifer Gates (Bill Gates’s daughter), Destry Spielberg (Steven Spielberg’s daughter) or Jessica Springsteen (Bruce Springsteen’s daugther). It seems tan technology and Hollywood has a cliché for horses. Here is the proof.