Cuban Mijaín López did it again: There are already five Pan American golds

By Andrea Hernández (Chile) – Young Reporter AIPS America

LIMA, Peru, August 9, 2019.- One of the most waiting moment is in Panamericans was the participation of the three times olimpic golden medalist, now fifth times Pan American champion and fifth times winner of the Greco-Roman wrestling world.

Mijan López with a cuban flag after winning the Pan American Final of Lima 2019.

The stage was ready to receive Mijain Lopez. The greatest fighter get it to the tapestry surrounded of cuban flags and latinoamerican’s applauses.

His first contrincant was the argentinian Luciano del Río. The fight it was brief and lethal. López won 8-0. In the second combat faced to Yasmani Acosta, the cuban who received chilean nationality in 2018. By far, a complex moment. Loaded with cuban flavor, struggle, and hardness. But Mijaín did it again. He won twice in the fight and once on the floor. Totally, four points for him and another panamerican final.

For the golden medal, the cuban should fight with Moises Pérez, the venezuelan. He settled it quickly, in less than 120 seconds. One more time Pan American champion. Another glory day for him.

“It’s a way to follow to Olympic Games of Tokio in which I measured myself. All we were worry, but it could be done. Im happy”, he declared in the interview zone.

About the combat against Yasmani Acosta, his friend by the way, Mijaín said that “a fight wich I went out to enjoy. I wanted to try myself. He trained with me during nine years. Imgrateful with him, because he was part of my three olympic medals”. López, 36 years old, won gold in Beijing 2008, Londres 2012 and Río 2016.

Now the legend of the “Gigante de Herradura” grew up. In Pan Americans Games he registred only gold medals consecutive since Santo Domingo 2003. His force is familiar genetic, he says, and about the key of success, for him the passion for what he do is essential.

The truth is that this Pan American games, and his tittle, are the last one for Mijaín López. Now, his purpose is win -one more time- the Golden medal in the asian continent.